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Kansas can experience a wide range of weather throughout the year and it is very unpredictable.  Winter blizzards, violent windstorms and heavy rains are common throughout the state, and its climate on occasion produces rapid temperature extremes.  Generally the summers are quite warm, the winters are mild, and the humidity is on the moderate side.  Early evening thunderstorms are common in summer, and tornados can strike the state in the spring.

Severe Weather

For more information on KU's inclement weather policies and procedures related to the university closing, refer to the following links:

Severe weather and classes FAQ»

Winter weather and procedures policy»

Inclement weather FAQ for employees»

Weather Alert Notification Service

You may sign up for severe weather alerts to receive a text message.  This alert system is based on county.  Lawrence is located in Douglas County.  Since tornados typically move northeast, it is a good idea to sign up for alerts in counties that are to the south and west of your residential area.

We strongly recommend that you sign up for severe weather alert notifications. 

Counties to the west of Douglas County are Franklin, Osage and Shawnee.

International Calendar

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