Services for International Employees & Scholars





Scholar is hired/invited



KU Host Department submits information to International Programs

  • Collect supporting documentation.
  • Host department adds scholar to iHawk».
  • Scholar adds biographical information to iHawk. Will receive email with login and access information.
  • Host department reviews/edits/submits complete iHawk record.

1-2 weeks

International Programs review documentation and issues DS-2019

  • Review and analyze scholar’s iHawk record.
  • Enter scholar’s data into SEVIS database and generate DS-2019.
  • Contact host department with complete DS-2019.

2 weeks

DS-2019 & Welcome packet shipped to scholar

  • Host department should send DS-2019 to scholar.  International Programs recommends a courier service.

1 week

Scholar pays SEVIS fee


Scholar makes a U.S. visa application*


*Canadian citizens do not need a visa stamp to enter the U.S.

  • The scholar will apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. embassy/consulate and schedule a visa interview.
  • All embassies have wait times for visa interviews.  You can find out more information on the specific embassy’s wait times» webpage.


1-3 weeks

Additional Administrative Processing

[not applicable in all cases]

  • For some scholars in technology “sensitive” areas of research as determined by the U.S. government, additional time may be required to obtain a J visa.  Administrative processing is initiated by the U.S. Department of State».

Between 3 weeks and 8 weeks

Receive J visa stamp from U.S. consulate

  • International Programs strongly recommends that scholars do not purchase plane tickets until they have received the J visa. 


Orientation Registration
  • Scholar should now register for New Scholar Orientation in their iHawk account.  Please register for the first available orientation session after arrival in the United States.
Purchase Health Insurance
  • Prior to your arrival in the United States, please purchase health insurance. As a J-1 scholar you are required to have health insurance to comply with federal requirements.


  • Scholars can arrive up to 30 days before the start of their program, but if they will arrive late, please notify International Programs.


Online document check with International Programs

  • Scholar should visit the iHawk website and upload immigration documentation and residential address in the United States.

First or second day in the United States

Orientation with International Programs

  • All J scholars are required to attend a New Scholar Orientation meeting.  The scholar should have registered for the New Scholar Orientation meeting prior to entering the United States.  If they have not registered, please contact International Programs immediately.

During first week after arrival

International Calendar

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